From our toolbox – a self-resetting trap!

Meet the AT220 – set it up and they’re ready to catch 100 predators on its own!

As much as we enjoy being immersed in nature, walking through hectares of ngahere to reset and rebait traps can require a lot of time and labour.

This kiwi-designed product helps solve the challenge of manually having to reset traps, particularly in tricky-to-reach areas. Once a possum pokes its head in for the lure, a sensor, which is only programmed to go off during the night, activates the trap which instantly kills the predator. The trap will automatically reset itself, releasing the predator caught and now ready for its next catch.

The AT220s are equipped with an automatic mayonnaise dispenser as bait for the possums. As they can operate for up to 100 cycles without the need for a visit from staff, this makes them suitable for placement in areas that are difficult to access regularly.

The traps have passed NAWAC (National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee) testing guidelines for humane trapping of possums and ship rats in 2019. They will be installed on trees with appropriate settings – activated only at night wit ha non-meat based lure – to make sure our non-target species do not interfere.

Given their high-tech abilities these traps do come at a much higher cost.

Watch this time-lapse of the AT220 resetting itself back for its next catch! This takes around 3 minutes in real-time.


April 8, 2022