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Predator Free 2050 Limited

Predator Free 2050 Limited is a Crown-owned, charitable company established to help deliver the New Zealand government’s ambitious goal of eradicating possums, stoats and rats by 2050. They provide co-funding to enable predator control and eradication projects at large landscape scale and the breakthrough science needed to underpin them.

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Predator Free New Zealand Trust

The Predator Free New Zealand Trust was established in 2013 to connect and energise all New Zealanders to enable our native species to thrive as we work towards a predator free Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)

ZIP is helping to protect native species by developing new tools and techniques to completely remove possums, rats, and stoats from large mainland areas.

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Be a part of the Predator Free movement!

There are multiple ways you can help protect our taonga species, whether it's by joining a community group or putting a trap in your backyard.

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