Event: Te Tiriti o Waitangi Workshop Part 2 - Predator Free Whangarei

Event: Te Tiriti o Waitangi Workshop Part 2

Thursday 1st September, 9am – 12:30pm

This is a follow up event from our first workshop, where our facilitator, Moea Armstrong, delved deep into the history of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and how the differing versions of the Treaty came about. This next workshop goes through the aftermath of this significant event, de-colonisation, and what this means for us as we work on the ground with pest control efforts.

This free and online workshop is a safe place to learn. To join us, RSVP by filling out the form below and a Zoom link will be shared with you.

Please note the RSVP form has currently been disabled. To register your interest, please email joannek@nrc.govt.nz

July 15, 2022